Saturday, October 5, 2013

A Bag of Crazy

This Just In... She’s a Bag of Crazy

I actually couldn’t decide which blog I should direct this post to my Glaminlalaland blog ( The practical guide for the fashionable broke femme, or Camille’s Hollywood Etiquette – Navigating the shark tank. 

But I realize, it’s the first post that belongs to both…  So here it goes.

I was explaining to my writing partner yesterday that I was working with this person, on a project for about a year, and I noticed more often than not there was a black cloud looming over us. (yes this is metaphorical) and I also noticed that this person also wanted a bite of whatever I was eating (also metaphorical).   I also noticed that this person has no real stats in their career,  but loved to chat about the importance of positivity, and yet her (I mean him, okay her).  She would invite me to trips to going to tops of mountains to mantra goals, and I would say, “Why do you need to mantra goals, when you could decide to do something and do it, in the comfort of your own home. "

Her mere presence gave me anxiety.  

I noticed my dog didn’t liker her, and in fact, she hated dogs (also a red flag) I found myself doing many things, to help this person, letting them jump on the gravy train, (or at least the train that leaded to gravy).   And then when it was time for all the hard work to pay off, this person got um, fucking weird.   She stopped communicating, until finally I confronted her and said, “What the hell is going on?”   And the response was something like this.

 “Well I was talking to my new psychiatrist I met in a two  hour hot yoga class, and we went out for Chai tea, and I was telling him all about my career (what career?) and he told me the best thing to do to find the right answer in life, is to cut communication with the world and sit home and introvert, and then the answer will come, and then I crossed checked this with my therapist from oversees, and she agreed, so I decided to quit the business and concentrate on my true passion of working at a petting zoo. “

And my response internally was like, oh thank you for letting me know…

You’re a bag of crazy.

Guys, don’t be a victim of this,  spot the early signs and direct these people to closest petting zoo, for you, for them, and for society.


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  1. Crazies are hard enough to work with, and sometimes they have flashes of brilliance — but when they start "consulting" their navel lint or their "experts," that's when the projects jumps the rails.